Monday, April 7, 2014

Scenes From A Week: April 7

This was an excellent week and the fun continued throughout the weekend.  The week highlights included my one year work anniversary, a fun work event on Thursday night, the Cubs home opener on Friday, a couples massage with Scott on Saturday.  It kept getting better and better.  (And by the way, so did the temperatures... it's going to be a whopping 50 degrees in Chicago today!)

This weekend was especially hard to beat.  On Friday night, I had an hours-long excursion to Target, which I rarely take the time to do.  On Saturday morning, Scott and I had a belated Valentine's couples massage followed by complimentary mimosas and a stroll home.  We continued the day-date by viewing three more properties, followed by outlet shopping at the new-ish outlets in the suburbs.  The day was finished with watching "White House Down" on demand - although cheesy/unrealistic I actually liked it a lot.

April is one of my favorite months of the year... and it's here!

gorgeous tulips from my manager

summertime food

classy "dinner" (bellini + cheese board)

late night beer stop

opening day apparel

spectacular bloody mary spread at an industry event

the whole foods flower display is tough to beat

first time at the tory outlet (near rosemont).  thought
it was only okay... the sales associates attitudes were
a bit of a turn-off.

stalking my parents return flight!!

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