Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scenes From A Week: April 13

This week (or weekend, really) was a splendid one - felt like it was finally, finally summer again.  I wore flip flops for the first real time since last fall, and ran in short sleeves once again.  Chicago is hard to beat when the temps are above 60.

This weekend was especially wonderful, including two dates with my husband, an overdue catchup phone session with a cousinfriend, multiple phone calls with my mom, finishing a good book, deep cleaning my closet and windows wide open.  Rejuvenating, for certain, and just what I needed before this coming work week.

such a beautiful downtown

i live in stripes all summer long

we used a groupon to visit a hawaiian themed bar/restaurant on saturday night
the lake front trail is very hard to beat

new beers (to me) - thought my "smitten" was pretty legit
scott racing to the car in the pouring rain... sweet husband
I hope to get in a better blogging rhythm again... it's one of my very favorite outlets, and one that I've been neglecting pretty significantly over the past few months.

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