Monday, April 28, 2014

29) Do a body detox

I originally intended to do a week-long body detox, but decided to dip my toes in with a 3-day detox / juice cleanse, and to be honest, I don't think I could handle a full week of it.

A few weeks ago, I bought a Groupon for a Peeled Juice Cleanse.  The cleanse came with six juices per day for three days.  The instructions were clear - no food, no alcohol, and no coffee/caffeine other than green tea.  The juices:

Green Lantern - kale, romaine, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger
Haute Lemonade - lemonade with cayenne pepper
Maroon 5 - carrot, beet, lemon, apple, ginger
Cashew Milk - cashew, vanilla bean (maybe something else - I don't remember)

The juices were to be consumed in a very specific order: green, lemonade, beet, green, beet, cashew.  In between, you were to drink just about as much water or green tea as you could handle.

I thought that the green juice was.. alright.  The first one was refreshing.  The next five were ok, but certainly do-able.  I found this one to be quite filling, and knew that if I had that one coming up, that it would help satiate my appetite.

The lemonade was fabulous - I really liked it.  It was basically a spicy lemonade.  I didn't find it particularly filling, but since it was the second juice of the day, I drank it fairly close to the green, and thought that was a good strategy.

The Maroon 5... UGH.  Just thinking back to how it tasted gives me shivers.  I hated it.  I hated it from the first sip to the last.  I gulped each of them down without hardly tasting it because I thought it was so disgusting.  If you like beets, this one might be better for you then for me?  I don't like beets, and I didn't like this juice.  At.  All.

The Cashew Milk was the exact opposite - fantastic.  I loved it.  It was sweet, filling, and really like dessert.  It was a nice thing to drink in the evening, as it left me filling very full to last the rest of the evening.

So the purpose of a juice cleanse.  Some renewal, I suppose.  Detoxifying.  And a little bit to see if I could do it. In terms of tangible results, I got two random compliments on my skin in the days after the cleanse, and felt like I dropped a bit of water weight, but nothing too significant.  I really liked doing a few days of this, but don't know that I will do it again. From nearly the first sip of the cleanse, I was counting down until the last.  But... I did what I set out to do and am happy to have this accomplished!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Scenes From A Week: April 20 and 27

It's been a wild few weeks, with too few hours in the day to sit down and devote time like I should to my corner of the internet.  I need to do some catching up - I hope to be back with increasing regularity over the next few days.

gorgeous bellinis at pops 
love the ambiance at city winery
spring apparel at special family easter
so obsessed with these shoes (gap!)
i did a juice cleanse this week - more on this later
i used the juice cleanse to further cut back my caffeine intake (this is caf free)
so many colors, so little time
we've been househunting for... a year?  not quite but feels like that sometimes

afternoon spent cleaning and tea-ing

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scenes From A Week: April 13

This week (or weekend, really) was a splendid one - felt like it was finally, finally summer again.  I wore flip flops for the first real time since last fall, and ran in short sleeves once again.  Chicago is hard to beat when the temps are above 60.

This weekend was especially wonderful, including two dates with my husband, an overdue catchup phone session with a cousinfriend, multiple phone calls with my mom, finishing a good book, deep cleaning my closet and windows wide open.  Rejuvenating, for certain, and just what I needed before this coming work week.

such a beautiful downtown

i live in stripes all summer long

we used a groupon to visit a hawaiian themed bar/restaurant on saturday night
the lake front trail is very hard to beat

new beers (to me) - thought my "smitten" was pretty legit
scott racing to the car in the pouring rain... sweet husband
I hope to get in a better blogging rhythm again... it's one of my very favorite outlets, and one that I've been neglecting pretty significantly over the past few months.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Scenes From A Week: April 7

This was an excellent week and the fun continued throughout the weekend.  The week highlights included my one year work anniversary, a fun work event on Thursday night, the Cubs home opener on Friday, a couples massage with Scott on Saturday.  It kept getting better and better.  (And by the way, so did the temperatures... it's going to be a whopping 50 degrees in Chicago today!)

This weekend was especially hard to beat.  On Friday night, I had an hours-long excursion to Target, which I rarely take the time to do.  On Saturday morning, Scott and I had a belated Valentine's couples massage followed by complimentary mimosas and a stroll home.  We continued the day-date by viewing three more properties, followed by outlet shopping at the new-ish outlets in the suburbs.  The day was finished with watching "White House Down" on demand - although cheesy/unrealistic I actually liked it a lot.

April is one of my favorite months of the year... and it's here!

gorgeous tulips from my manager

summertime food

classy "dinner" (bellini + cheese board)

late night beer stop

opening day apparel

spectacular bloody mary spread at an industry event

the whole foods flower display is tough to beat

first time at the tory outlet (near rosemont).  thought
it was only okay... the sales associates attitudes were
a bit of a turn-off.

stalking my parents return flight!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

fourteen years

Fourteen years ago today, Mike Maloney died.

His death was abrupt, in the middle of my softball practice.

His death was slow, throughout my childhood.  

And it's like that - two sides of one event.  And there were two sides of one man, too, I think. A monster, someone unfit to be a husband, a father, a member of society.  A chronically tormented vet, who quieted his demons with visits to the bottle. And the needle.  

There are two sides, too, to the way I feel about him.

Angry.  Sympathetic.  Wistful.  Serene.

My relationship with him is complicated, and probably will be for the rest of my life.  Do I hate what he represents?  Do I understand how he got that way? Yes and no.  Both and neither. He is a puzzle that I'll never be able to solve.  He's been gone for nearly half my life, and yet our relationship gets more - not less - complicated with each passing April 6.

I turn thirty this year.  When Mike was my age, he was nearing a decade post Vietnam, and I suspect that it was among the wildest times of his life.  No responsibilities, the late 1970s, and tormented by his past.  He was still a year or two from meeting my mom, and nearly seven years from having me.

It keeps coming back to this: acceptance.  He was a complicated man, and my feelings about him are conflicted.  But I know this - part of who I am is because of his life... his presence, his absence and everything in between.