Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Washington DC Trip: Day 1

My mom and I just got back to the Midwest, after a jam-packed four days in Washington, DC.  We'd been talking about planning a trip somewhere in honor of our milestone birthdays this year (you may recall that five years ago we traveled to New Orleans for a similar purpose).  Anyway, we headed to Washington to celebrate our birthdays and - more importantly! - to visit my brother Joe in his new city.

After an uneventful flight, we arrived in DC and hopped a quick cab from the airport.  After a quick stop at Joe's office for his apartment keys, we made our way to his place to drop our stuff.  Joe's apartment is perfect and awesome (with a really cool city view) and was an amazing home-base for our trip.  After dropping our suitcases, we ventured out.  Our first step was the IMF, followed quickly by the Obama residence (otherwise known as the White House) as well as a few of the monuments and memorials that span the area around the National Mall (the Lincoln Memorial, the WW2 Memorial, etc).

I found it really interesting how kinda... nondescript the White House is.  Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous building, but it's in the middle of a city block!  I wasn't prepared for how much it blended in to the cityscape - even though I saw it as a child, I wasn't expecting it to be so normal.  Big home, tall fence - but other then that... I guess I just found it kind of surreal.  

In doing some research before the trip, I heard that viewing the WW2 Memorial at dusk was the way to do it, so that's exactly what we did.  At this point, it was getting cold and windy, so we found our way back to Joe's place.   We spent the evening drinking a bottle or two of red wine, eating dinner and catching up.

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  1. Uneventful flight? Guess then your hand isn't broken from me squeezing it during take-off and landing? Just wondering.


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