Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scenes From A Week: March 30

As I write this, it's almost sixty degrees outside and we have windows open.  Fresh air is good for the soul - and so are weekends.   This weekend was a nice mix - Friday night we went to a comedy show, and then Saturday did lots of chores around the house before touring two homes (contenders, I'd say) and having dinner/seeing a great play with my in-laws.  This morning I woke up before 7a, finished some things around the house that I wanted to get done, and then woke Scott up in time for brunch at his favorite local spot.  This afternoon we spent lazily enjoying spring.  A four mile walk in the sunshine.  Washing all of the linens in our house.  A long catch-up FaceTime with my parents who are abroad. Watching last nights SNL (Louis CKs opening monologue!!).  Lighting candles and opening windows.   Just a solid springtime weekend.

This week promises to be a little busier, but hopefully just as wonderful.

sunday night: clothes laid out for the week  (this is always my goal, but isn't
always executed)
an incredible mid-week dinner - kale / coleslaw / mustard sald
(better then it sounds - promise)
talking chicago real estate with my parents
seeing Amy Schumer's comedy at the Auditorium Theatre on Friday night
brunch with my boy
bacon scented candle.  awesome gift, mom.

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