Sunday, March 2, 2014

Scenes From A Week: March 2

This was a long week, with busy days followed by busy evenings (three week nights in a row!).  The weekend has been both productive and restorative and I can hardly believe that it's March.  (Mother Nature appears to agree with me as she dumped several inches of snow last night....)  Blogging has been light this past few weeks, but I am working on changing that - surprisingly, posts are already scheduled for three days this week so... progress! :)

The week was filled with a cooking class, a concert of some favorite artists, a work dinner, a long (for me) run, an open house and... a random Tom Cruise movie.  (Jack Reacher - kinda liked it!)  Overall, a solid week but I'm looking for a quiet start to this one.

new shoes, picked up at the cr tjmaxx last weekend with my parents
this is not a mirage.  i am, indeed, cooking.  with eggs!

special selfie <3
incredible concert this week (more on that this week)
first organized run of 2014 (also: brrrrrrr).

Sidenote - March has always been one of my favorite months, with the promise of warm weather and springtime just around the corner.  I am thrilled that March is here and I cannot wait for the week ahead.

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