Friday, March 7, 2014

Race Recap: Pulaski 10k

The 2014 running season has officially begun!

On Saturday morning, Scott and I bundled up from head to toe and headed to Montrose Harbor for the Pulaski 10k run.  I'll admit: I was not super excited for this, as it had snowed the night before and the temperature was 24 degrees and falling.

When we got to the race location, it was about 20 minutes until the starting bell, so we waited in the car (to stay warm) until a few minutes to go.  We made it to the waiting area with about 5 minutes to spare... and proceeded to wait until after 9:10 for the race organizers to let us start the race.  In 24 degree, slighly snowy conditions... I just thought this was terrible.  Many people started the race (unofficially) early because it was too dang cold to wait. I know it was only 10 or 15 minutes late, but in that kind of weather conditions, I don't understand why the race started late.  (F3 race organizers- get your act together!)

Once the race started, the conditions for the first half mile were pretty treacherous - the course hadn't been cleared off at all, so we were literally running on a combination of snow and ice.  No bueno.  I was stepping very carefully at this point.  After a half mile or so, the course got much, much better and by that point I'd thawed out a bit.  The rest of the race was wonderful - it was smooth sailing and a great course (from Montrose to Fullerton and back on the lake path).  It was my first legit outdoor run since late last Fall/early Winter and it felt great to be back out there.  (Although I will admit that I am hurting a little bit today - six miles might have been a bit ambitious for my first outdoor run of the year but I lived so...)

I'm looking forward to many more miles logged on the lake path in 2014.

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