Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Patrick and Kelly: March 22

This weekend Scott and I were thrilled to attend the wedding of one of our "couple friends", Patrick and Kelly.  The wedding was held at the Eaglewood Resort in Itasca, IL.  Also in attendance were two of Scott's really good friends from his time in Alabama so we arrived a few hours early so Scott could max out on his time with them.

The resort itself was beautiful, situated on a golf course which I imagine would be spectacular in the summer months.  The wedding was sweet and emotional (admittedly I've cried at almost every single wedding I've ever attended).  They had a really adorable ring bearer and two adorable flower girls who stole the show - the ring bearer had the most hilarious "cheese" look on his face as he walked down the aisle, and then one of the flower girls burst in to tears and wouldn't go down the aisle - it was so adorable.  I suspect that she'll be getting grief for that in 20 years ;)

After the wedding was a fun cocktail hour and wedding reception.  The wedding reception featured a "champagne parade" where a series of champagne-toting hotel personnel came out in a procession - it was a fun way to kick off the evening.  I love wedding receptions more than just about any other social activity, so I was in heaven.  It was fun catching up with Brian and Kevin, and meeting some of the other wedding guests.

On Sunday morning, I stole away and sat by a fireplace reading for an hour before Scott woke up (he stayed up partying a bit later than I did).  It was a really leisurely way to start the morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A wonderful weekend wedding celebration.  Congratulations Patrick and Kelly!

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