Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cooking Class

Last week, I participated in a cooking class at The Chopping Block here in Chicago.  The class was definitely out of my comfort zone - as I don't particularly enjoy cooking normally, and I don't do it very frequently.  (It's a running joke that in the past seven years, I've cooked Scott dinner twice - once being a Hot Pocket).  Anyway, the class ended up being a ton of fun!

The class is BYOB (with a corkage fee) so we brought a few bottles of wine and got to cooking.  The theme was French Cuisine, so the menu was: mussels in a tomato/white wine sauce, 40-garlic chicken, lettuce root, and creme brule.

We learned a ton of random tidbits (the proper way to hold a knife for chopping, the best way to chop onions, shallots, and spices, etc).  It was fascinating.  I enjoyed the class quite a bit - fun way to spend a Tuesday night!

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