Sunday, February 9, 2014

Scenes From A Week: February 9

Mid-February is upon us, and with it... the early feeling of Spring.  While the weather hasn't caught up with my frame of mind, I can feel it - Spring is JUST around the corner.  (Maybe around the corner and a month, but it's a-comin').  As Scott and I prepare for a (hopeful) move this spring or summer, we're cramming in as much fun in our neighborhood as possible before we go, snow or not.

a beautiful sunset from our living room
scott to the rescue - helping his cousin get her car un-stuck from an alley
condo photos - listing our place soon, soon, soon!
blogging selfie.
cards against humanity at melissa's on friday night
incredible ice sculptures at navy pier

botanical gardens at navy pier
cider summit day drinking on saturday

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