Thursday, February 6, 2014

Scenes From A Week: February 3

This post is titled February 3... and I'm posting it February 6?  What is wrong with me.  Better late than never?  (Probably not but here I am anyway).  The last week of January was cold, and busy and awesome.  It's great to be alive.

another day, another indoor workout. c'mon summer.
spanglish, courtesy of my love. 
my second CTA fail in two weeks.  bus break downs are the new black?

"let's link arms" scott + his bff, adam corrolla, at a
"mangria" signing last weekend
spotted: cedar ridge whiskey at binny's in chicago.
cedar ridge is a winery/distillery near my hometown!
you're killing me with your sweet views, chicago
awesome show at joes on weed last friday - chris jansen was the opening act
(famous for songs like "truck yeah" and "probably better if i don't")
the main event was "blackjack billy" and i cannot say enough good things
about them and the show.  i didn't know much about them before the
show, but they blew me away.  rock and roll meets country.  bazinga.
saturday night in, with a big ol' glass of red. 

deep cleaned my house on sunday to the tunes of an oldie but a goodie -
tim mcgraw + the dancehall doctors.  

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  1. There are some great ones in here. Looks like an awesome week.


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