Sunday, February 23, 2014

Scenes From A Week: February 23

What a spectacular week.  The work week was a short one (due to President's Day) and the weekend was chock full of fun.  On Friday night, Scott and I went to a Bulls game (my first!) and it was a total riot.  I enjoyed myself tremendously, and had way more fun than I expected to.  On Saturday morning, Scott and I got up and drove to Iowa to hang out with my parents for the rest of the weekend.  I got my hair done, we toured three homes, we did some shopping, and we ate and drank like kings.  It was a riot.  On Sunday, we got up and headed back to Chicago for a fourth home viewing.  On our way, we ran in to my aunt and uncle in a gas station/ Subway in the middle of nowhere Illinois... how incredible is that?  It was a fantastic weekend.

bulls versus nuggets - bulls win!

beer and basketball... i like it.

incredible app that my parents had waiting for us... yum.

scott trying out my parents new bed :)

i call this country (music) kate

cocktails with my parents at the (former) top of the five!

one of my mom's famous green smoothies
17 years after their wedding reception in the exact spot!

best subway run-in EVER!

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