Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cider Summit 2014

Scott and I have attended a few Beer Fests over the past few years, and we really love them.  As beer aficionados, it's a great way to try a whole variety of new beers without having to really commit - after all, if you don't care for the one you've tried, you can get rid of it without feeling like you're wasting your money.  When we heard about a Cider Fest coming to town, we knew we wanted to check it out.  His cousin emailed us with a link to a 50% Cider Fest pass, and it was set.  We bought the tickets late last fall, and at the time - February 8 seemed so far away.  Crazy how fast time flies.

Anyway, on Saturday, Scott and I took the bus downtown to Navy Pier to drink some cider!  We got there a little before his cousins, so we had some time to wander around Navy Pier.  I'm a person that normally avoids Navy Pier at almost all costs (tourist central) but on this frigid winter day, there were very few people around which was awesome.  There was a spectacular ice sculpture competition going on out front, and it was fun wandering around looking.  The sculpters were just outrageous - so talented.

Once we got so cold we couldn't take being outside anymore, we ventured inside.  I still had a few thousand steps to get in that day, so we walked around Navy Pier killing some time.  I hadn't realized how many awesome things were at Navy Pier - we commented that it'd be such a fun place to take my cousins children.  Lots for little ones to do - an imax theater, a children's museum, and lots of open spaces.

Also?  Penguins.  OMG.

After we'd gotten our steps in, we headed to the Cider Summit to get our cider on.  I'm a big cider fan, so I took notes of which ones I'd like to purchase.  My favorites were "Sonoma Cider - The Hatchet" and "Citizen Cider - Dirty Mayor".  So delicious.  Well done, Cider Summit.  I'd go again. 

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