Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Fitbit Bug

I've been meaning to post about my newest accessory for a month or more, and realized this week that it was time.

In November, I got a Fitbit!  Have you heard of it?  It's an electronic monitoring system, which can be used to help with a variety of different fitness goals: daily steps, calories consumed/burned, water intake, sleep quality, weight.  My parents have Fitbits and love them, and one weekend in November when we were together, I got one, too!  I use mine primarily to track my daily steps.  My goal is 10,000, and I make it a priority to meet or exceed that number every day (my record is 23,000!).  I also use it to track my daily water intake (I'm a pretty big water drinker, so this is mostly just for fun).  I have also begun using it to track my sleep (although occasionally I've taken it off in my sleep accidentally... whoops).  Getting to 10,000 steps is the highest priority for me, and the primary reason I use my Fitbit.

I wear it all day, every day except for showering.  The first workday that I had it, I deliberately went about my daily routine, as normal - I wanted to establish a baseline, to see how many steps I'd naturally take in one day.  My answer is under 5,000, or about half of the recommended number for healthy adults.  A little alarming actually. That first day, I hit the treadmill to get to my 10K. Since then, I've made getting my steps in a high priority, and can count on one hand the number of days that I haven't reached it (I failed on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, for instance).  Once you get in to the routine, it's pretty easy.  I "walk and talk" on the phone with my mom on Saturdays and Sundays (since we both need to get in our steps).  I get on the bus 3-5 stops away from my regular stop on both directions of my commute.  I use the treadmill at the gym.  I walk a circuit in my condo parking garage.  (Hilariously, I did this with my parents last weekend since we all needed a few thousand more steps... and this was after a few G&Ts!)

I'm rambling!  The point is, I'd encourage anyone interested to learn more about the Fitbit (or any other similar device).  It's a bit of an investment, but very worth it.

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