Sunday, January 5, 2014

Scenes from a Week: January 6

The past 16 days have been a total whirlwind - family, friends, snow, travel, wine.  And repeat.  They were 16 of the best days I've had all year, but with "normal life" resuming tomorrow, I must admit how exhausted I am.  It's time for a detox of mind and body, and tomorrow sounds like a great day to start.

One of the many protein shakes I've had in the past few
weeks (thanks to one specific christmas gift!)
it was 41 degrees a few days ago and i thoroughly
enjoyed an outdoor four miles - sans coat.
i snuck up on scott in our condo gym - love.
view out my bedroom blinds - before the 8 inches of
snow arrived.
watching the bears (lose - boo) at full shilling last weekend
lets do this 2014
ended 2013 with a bang roar
a sweet gift - a growler to the new brewery down the street

causing trouble (and carrying jenifer?) at her 24th birthday party! 

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