Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scenes From A Week: January 12

This week was completely crazy, and the temperature seemed to agree.  It started around -40 range with windchill, and ended on a 43 degree Sunday.  What the?!

The early part of the week was spent indoors as much as possible.  One highlight was a night spent with a Pumpkin beer and as many pages of "Dark Places" as I could read before I forced myself to get some sleep. (Hope to write a book review on this soon).  My amazing parents swooped in on Friday night to spend some time with us... and to tackle my condo to-do list.  (My dad is a real-life superman who can - and will - do ANYTHING, particularly any home-improvement projects).

January is almost half over, which means... spring is a'coming.  I can feel it.

excellent book (so-so beer)

looking at fixer-uppers ;)
father/son in project-mode at matt's house
do we look related?!  
flowers at whole foods
one of the perks to my parents visiting?  my mom makes
amazing green smoothies every morning
nbc fail - last i checked, that wasn't melissa mccarthy...

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  1. I want your mom's green smoothie recipe!



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