Thursday, January 2, 2014

RFC 2013

I can summarize RFC 2013 with two words:  babies and wine.  I spent most of the day with one or the other (and occasionally both) in my possession, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I counted the other day, and my first cousins have six children that are two and under (and that's only on my mom's side of the family- adding my other first cousins causes that number to increase).  In other words, our family Christmas was full of adorable new additions.  It's pretty wild to think that a year ago, I had no idea that two of the children would be with us at this year's Christmas - I wonder what next year will bring!

Also, I should give a shout-out to both Joe and Christine, who each made it to RFC despite living thousands of miles away (in DC and LA).  I know it isn't always feasible, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with each of you!

Getting together with my family every year reminds me how spectacular this family really is.  

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  1. I treasure RFC, too! It was a babies and wine event this year! By the way, thanks for archiving our lives!


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