Friday, January 24, 2014

Movie Review: Mitt

The documentary "Mitt" was released earlier today as  Netflix exclusive, and I rushed home to watch it.

As I may have mentioned before, I'm very intrigued by Mormons in general, and the Romney family in particular.  I was a little nervous about how much Republican propaganda would be included in the film (especially after hearing the filmmaker was Mormon as well) but I was pleasantly surprised - the film focused primarily on Romney's family and interactions with them versus any hard-core politics.  Though there was plenty of election sparring, I don't recall any specific democrat-bashing; it was more in the vein of "us versus them" in the general way that a competitive person always wants to win.  As a quickly-on-the-defensive Democrat, I thought it was appropriate and that the filmmaker seemed to go out of his way to make it a comfortable viewing experience no matter what your politics.

As somebody who's interested in politics, I thought it was a really fascinating look in to the behind-the-scenes parts of a presidential election.  I found it really hilarious that two hours before the second presidential debate, the Romney boys were joking around and teasing each other.  It reminded me of my brothers, actually.

I also think it made the Romney family seem more normal, and... more real to me.  I've always thought of them as somewhat... stuffy?  Snobbish?  And while I probably still feel that way to some degree, it was interesting to see their family dynamic - there seemed to be a lot of genuine affection.

Lastly, and I'm deeply ashamed to admit this, but I cried at the part of the movie where Romney lost the election.  (I know.  I know!)  It's kind of like watching Titanic - you know the ship is going down, but somehow you're invested and you think that Hollywood might tweak it for the movie's sake??  I dunno.  The fact that I'm so prObama (see what I did there) makes me realize how well done the film was - I was actually rooting for Mitt - despite... well, everything.

Anyway - highly recommend it!

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