Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas with the Staloneys

Scott and I arrived in CR just in the nick of time - we pulled in to the church parking lot at 3:40, for a 4pm Christmas Eve Mass.  (Thanks for saving us seats, family!)  I really wanted to make it to church with my family, especially since the service was led by our family's priest, the incomparable Father Vu.  My parents see him every week, but I haven't seen him since Matt and Kelly's wedding, and it was fun to say a quick hello.  During Mass, they even played my favorite Christmas song, and I'll admit that looking down the pews, it was hard to not burst in to tears at the sight of my parents, Joe in from DC, Austin in from dent school, the newlyweds... it was a "moment" for sure.

After church, we came home for some shenanigans :)  My mom had a ridiculous spread like always, and we had several bottles of red wine flowing.  After a happy hour, we sat down to a family dinner.  Now that we have several "new" members around our table, I made a comment about when we add someone else to our table, that we may need to expand to the kitchen island, or the dining room table... and my parents immediately responded that they have other "sleeves" for the table.  Amazing.

After dinner, we reconvened around the Christmas tree to continue the fun.  My Ukulele playing husband was our entertainment.

We exchanged gifts, too, and I was spoiled tremendously!  I can't get over how generously Scott and I were gifted. I was even given a giant tub of protein powder, as I'm working to increase my protein intake each day.  Love it.

One of the hilarious moments involved two of my brothers giving my parents a gift that they can't receive until it comes out in September - and it involved a YouTube link.  (Homeland Season 3!)

There were many favorite moments for me, but one of them had to involve a gift that my mom gave my dad - registration for July's Chicago Half Marathon.  My parents are going to run it!!!  Not only am I super pumped to have this experience with them (again!  this time with them as official runners!) but I'm extremely PROUD.  How many people can say that about their parents?  Talk about saying "yes" to life!

The next morning, we woke up, ate brunch as a family, and then said our goodbyes.  Scott and I drove back to Chicago for a wonderful Christmas Day celebration with his family.

It was a very merry Christmas, and reinforced what I already knew: I am so, so fortunate.

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  1. Thank you for your generosity, your enthusiasm, your are one of the best gifts under the tree every year, mrs. special!


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