Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

My mom has hosted Thanksgiving for 20+ years, and I don't think I've ever missed one.  It is such a special tradition for our family, as we're joined by my grandparents, and awesome aunt, uncle, cousins and second cousins.  I really love waking up at home Thanksgiving morning - the whole house smells good, my brothers are either sleeping in or raising hell downstairs.  We typically start around 11am, with turkey on by early afternoon, which allows for a long cocktail hour - one of my favorite parts.  This year, I had a lot of snuggle time with my five-week old "cousin-niece" (second cousin, actually) which was pure fun.

Some years we have gone to the movie theater for a late show on Thanksgiving night, but this year, my mom bought a new "Catchphrase" (2013 edition) and we played a family edition for hours.  It was completely hilarious.  We all decided that the best clue was given out by my brother Joe - "he once had a day off" (answer: Ferris Bueller).  Amazing. We had so many laughs.

On Friday morning, my mom and I went Black Friday shopping... in matching shoes.  We each got a few things crossed off our list, but the best part was just hanging with my mom - who I miss so much by living out of state.

As Scott and I drove through Iowa / Illinois on our way back to Chicago, I couldn't help reflecting on how lucky I am to have these people... and how beautiful life is with them in it.

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