Saturday, October 12, 2013

to Kelly


Today is October 12, 2013, and it's a day that you've been planning and working towards for the past 14 months.  More than that, probably, because even before your engagement, you'd undoubtedly thought about what it would be like.

And now it's here - your wedding day.

You have been my brother's girlfriend for the past decade, and while I've considered you so much more than that for the past few years, there is something very fitting about the way in which our relationship is changing today.  You might be the one getting married, but I'm the one getting a gift - a sister.  This is a gift I will cherish forever.

The time has come - the planning is over, the work is done, and the celebration is beginning.  If I had advice to offer you, I would say to drink it in.  On the alter at your ceremony, look in the crowd and commit the feeling to memory.  Eat a big piece of wedding cake.  Stare at your wedding rings.  Refer to Matt as "husband" whenever possible.  Hug your mom, hug my mom, and hug all three of your sisters (including me).   Taste your champagne.  Kiss your grandmothers.  Have a moment alone, reflecting on all that has happened, and all that to be.  Dance with your husband, your father, your father-in-law.  Dance with your girlfriends.  Look around at all the love around you.

Happy wedding day, Kelly.  I can't wait to be your sister.

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  1. You are the sweetest. Thank you for this beautiful, heart-touching post and all that you have done over the past several months to make my engagement and wedding day a dream come true. You are amazing and I am SO, SO lucky to have you as a big sister! Love you!


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