Monday, October 21, 2013

Scenes From a Week: October 21

I haven't done one of these in ages... but I would like to bring it back (even though I'm a day late).  :)

This week brought a variety of really different things and experiences.  My cousin welcomed a baby son (extending our family name by another generation!).   Another dear cousin will welcome her daughter before my next "Scenes" post.  I spent part of Friday evening FaceTiming with my parents and Scott for my dad's birthday.  Scott and I drank too much wine on Friday night at our favorite BYOB sushi spot in our neighborhood.  On Saturday I detoxed by taking the longest run I've done since the half marathon in July.  Running makes me feel calm and focused like nothing else can, and I haven't done it nearly enough lately.   Scott and I went to Beerfest on Saturday evening with a few Specials and a few friends.  On Sunday, I went to a baby shower for Scott's cousin Lindsey, whom I adore.   Sunday late afternoon was spent wandering through Lincoln Square, a neighborhood in Chicago that I don't know very well.  Overall, it was a wonderful week, filled with experiences and people and moments.  Those are the best things, in my opinion.

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