Sunday, October 20, 2013

Matt and Kelly: Wedding Week

Matt and Kelly got married last week, and I thought it was only right that I document this on my blog.  I love the archive purposes that this blog brings, and since I've been suffering from some annoying writers block (bloggers block?) I am hopeful that this will start things up for me.  A million pictures and some commentary below!

On Tuesday night of wedding week, I picked Kelly up and we headed west, with a car crammed full of suitcases, Lululemon bags, a bridesmaids dress and a wedding dress.

I won't lie - the car was packed, but somehow, this was one of the most fun Chicago to Iowa trips that I've ever had.  The drive (and hours) flew by, and soon we were pulling in to the city limits.  As we turned the bend on the highway in the middle of downtown, their song came on - the song they'd be dancing to their "first dance" to.  I got goosebumps... it was happening.

I got home to my parents house, and literally danced around for a few minutes.  I was so excited to be home!  My parents house was truly a wedding zone - tupperware containers full of wedding favors, and centerpieces, and party room essentials.  I spotted a really sweet note on my mom's dress (from my aunt, my mom's sister-in-law):

The next morning, my mom and I woke up and had one of the best days - ever.  It was a day spent almost entirely at the spa, with a quick break for our first Pumpkin Spice Latte's from Starbucks.  (This is the bride's favorite fall coffee treat, and we'd never had one before... we thought it was only appropriate to try one this week!)

At the spa, we enjoyed some complimentary wine :)

That evening, I wandered around my parents house, and found myself in their backyard.  I loved being home - and it was nice to take a minute and appreciate how at home I feel in their house, and in their town.  I love it there.

My brother - the groom! - came home that night, and I won't even tell you how many glasses bottles of wine we went through that night.  Suffice it to say that we were in a celebratory mood... and celebrate we did.   

The next day was spent taking a long walk with my mom - three mile! - a run to target, and some final preparations.  We were so organized that there wasn't too much left to do, so we were able to spend time enjoying being together.

That afternoon, we headed back to the salon for pre-wedding manicures.

That night, there was a Bears game, so I watched that at home before getting a call from my parents.  A few family members had arrived in town, so we met at our favorite neighborhood bar for a few Bud Lights and some karaoke... no, really:

Such a fun night.  I think it's pretty extraordinary to be part of a family that comes 48 hours before a wedding because we want to spend extra time together.  I love it.

The next day was Friday, the day before the wedding, and this is where the excitement really ramped up.  The day started at the salon, where some of the bridesmaids were getting their nails done, and I got my hair blown out.

My sister-to-be also got hers done, and we realized we have almost the exact same color hair... love it.  Family resemblance, perhaps? :) 

After our time at the salon, we said our quick goodbyes before heading to the hotel to check-in.  My mom and I caravanned:

We checked-in to our hotel rooms (well the ones that were available yet) and changed clothes, before my mom and I headed out to a ladies luncheon, honoring the bride.

The bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner and wedding day recap coming soon!

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  1. thanks for archiving all of this, sis! it's fun reliving it all on your blog!


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