Saturday, October 26, 2013

Matt and Kelly: Wedding Day Part Two

When we got off the trolley, we headed in to the hotel.  We joined the wedding guests for the tail end of the cocktail hour, which was held in the hotels beautiful atrium area.  It was stunning!  After a few minutes (and "hello"s) there, the bridal party snuck away to line up for introductions.  I was lucky enough to be paired with my husband (for the whole day, actually - he was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid, and we were lined up together to walk down the aisle... how fun is that?).  We had debated about what to do when we were introduced... and ended up doing a Frankenstein thing where he was Frankenstein and I ran away from him :)  I think it was cute?  In my memory it was hilarious and adorable :) 

The ballroom was gorge-ous.  Just beautiful.  I snuck in to take a picture before the guests were escorted in: 

Magical.  I also took some snapshots from my spot at the head table:

The delicious dinner was served, but I could hardly eat since I was giving a toast.  For archival purposes, here is what I said:

Hello!  For those who don't know me, I’m Kate… and I am the proud sister of the groom.
I should start by saying that I am overjoyed to be here today.  Kelly has been a part of our lives and our family for a decade, and I’m thrilled that earlier today - she became not just my brothers wife, but my sister.

Kelly, I’ve never had a sister before, but I hear that it’s customary for sisters to share clothes, or shoes, or secrets.  So after 27 years of being Matt’s sister, I thought I’d let you in on a few secrets about my brother.

1) Matt is a terrific timekeeper.  We used to drive to school together, and if I was even one minute late, Matt would let me know… by driving away.  Word to the wise, Matt means business when it comes to time.

2): Matt knows what he wants.  When Matt was born, I was already a toddler, so I thought I’d be the boss of my new little buddy.  And I was... for a while.  That lasted until about the time Matt turned four, and took charge.  And he’s been the boss ever since.

3) Matt is the most likeable person in the room - in any room, any time.  I always knew Matt was charming, but this message really hit home in September of my junior year of high school.  Matt was a freshmen, which meant that we were both going to the same school, and had a lot of friends and teachers in common.  I was the upperclassman, though, so I thought I should show him the ropes.  And I thought I was doing a good job, until I was introduced to someone as “Matt Maloney’s sister”.  And the worst part was that it was by a teacher.

Jokes aside, I am two years older than Matt, but I've looked up to him for my entire life.
Matt is the first one I call for advice… he has always been there for me - and I know he'll always be there for you.  I know that Matt will cherish you, the way that we cherish him.  (Well… maybe not exactly the same way…..)

I think I speak for the Maloneys, Steils, and indeed all 50+ Ranks, when I say - welcome to the family, Kelly!  If everyone will please join me in raising a glass, to my brother Matt and my sister, Kelly.
To the Newlyweds!

And most importantly... I meant every word.  I was unbelievably proud and honored to give a toast.

And then - the first dance.  As the newlyweds danced to "Hey Pretty Girl" (Kip Moore), I couldn't help but smile.

And I kept smiling, through Kelly's dance with her father.  I kept smiling (and maybe crying) as Matt took the dance floor with our mom.  They danced to "How Sweet It Is" and it really was.  It was so sweet.

The fun continued as the dance floor was opened up.  First to the bridal party, and then to the rest of the wedding guests.  The music was fabulous - and the dance floor was packed from start to finish.  A few highlights: dancing to Florida Georgia Line/Nelly "Cruise Remix" like a wild woman ("fire it up, let's go get this thing stuck!"),  seeing 50%+ of my Rank women freak out when Justin Bieber came on (um, myself included), participating in three dance-off style circles, and enveloping my brother and Kelly with love during the last song - piano man.  They were literally circled by people swaying as we danced around them.  It was really special.

And just like that... their wedding day was over, and the rest of their lives had begun.

Next: Sunday

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  1. Your toast was perfect. Sincere, funny and thoughtful. I'm so happy to have it archived here with another awesome wedding post. Thanks, Kate! xo


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