Friday, October 25, 2013

Matt and Kelly: Wedding Day Part One

On Saturday, October 12, my alarm went off early - just before 7am.   I was already awake when it went off, thinking my thoughts and thinking about what I needed to do before I left for the morning.  I had be waiting for 10/12/13 for over a year... and it was here.  The joy!

I left at 7:40 and headed to the salon for bridal hair.  I was lucky enough to go to my normal hair stylist (whom I adore and totally trust!) which was good because I had basically no vision for my hair.   I knew I wanted something classic and timeless, but that also would be almost completely off my face, be able to stand up even with vigorous dancing (don't judge) and yet was interesting and fun.  How is that even possible, you ask?  I honestly don't know, but Rachel totally delivered, and I ended up LOVING my hair.


At the salon I snapped some pictures of the bride, moms and bridal party getting ready.

After we finished getting hair (and in some cases - including mine - makeup) done, I hopped in to my moms car and we moved from the salon to the church... it was happening!  We got in to our dresses, and took a bunch of pictures - both posed according to the photographer's vision, and my candids :)

At 2pm sharp, the wedding ceremony begun.  As a member of the bridal party, I had an amazing view of the Wedding Mass - which was mostly a good thing.  I say mostly because I had an ugly cry as Kelly was walked up the aisle on her dad's arm.  It just hit me - I am thrilled that my brother has this love in his life and I was overwhelmed with joy - theirs and mine.  It was a special moment, and one I won't likely forget.  

After the exchanged their vows (memorized vows! which I think is so special), the ceremony was over and they were Mr. and Mrs!  We took a few more photos (Rank Family photo on the alter what!) and then boarded the wedding trolley!

This is a good time to say how obsesssssssed I am with wedding trolleys.  The trolley was one of the most fun parts of an extremely fun day (so that's saying something).  We drank champagne (or beer or water) danced and rocked out, and stopped in a few gorgeous areas of town to take wedding photos.

My favorite photos that I took over the entire weekend were mostly from our trolley time.  The scenery was gorgeous and everyone was just happy - which showed on our faces, I think.  If I got these photos on my iPhone, I can't imagine how wonderful the photographers pictures will be.  It certainly helps that Matt and Kelly are incredibly attractive and photogenic.

After a fun couple hours on the trolley, it was wedding reception time!

Next up: Wedding Day Part Two!

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  1. Your hair was beautiful - I just loved it! Rachel did a great job! And those pictures of you and Scott are super cute! The trolley was most definitely one of my favorite parts of the day too. Thanks to you and Scott for sponsoring that! That was a very generous gift and something Matt and I will remember with a smile always. You took some awesome shots! Some of my favorites! :)


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