Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Matt and Kelly: Newlywed Sunday

The morning after Matt and Kelly's beautiful wedding and reception, my brother Joe (the best man!) and I met in the lobby of our hotel bright and early.  We were armed with "window paint" and decals, and our mission was to decorate the groom's car.

It was pretty hilarious - writing stuff like "HONK FOR THE NEWLYWEDS" and "JUST MARRIED".

Our other two brothers were busy loading the car with tuxes and whatnot, but joined us shortly thereafter.  As we were finishing up, someone spotted the groom and we all darted away to hide behind a different car - so we were able to see his reaction.  It was awesome.

Shortly thereafter, we basically caravaned to the parents of the groom (also known as my parents) house for a "Newlywed Brunch" as our family prepared to leave Iowa and go back to their homes.  It was nice to have a more formal (and less alcohol-induced... :) way of saying goodbye to our family.  While our family is spread across the country - literally from LA to DC - we really rally for important things like weddings.   Of course, during the Newlywed Brunch I had my camera handy:

As the final guests were leaving, the entire Special-Maloney-Steil bunch found ourselves on the driveway at one time.  While we took family photos on the wedding day, this is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend - eyes squinting in to the sun, each of us moments away from heading back to our "normal" lives across three states and five cities:

It goes without saying that I absolutely adore my family - but I'm going to say it anyway.  During Matt's wedding toast he said that he felt like he won the jackpot when it came to his family... and I completely agree.  I am incredibly lucky - and I know it.

I would be remiss if I didn't end the Matt and Kelly Wedding Series with a photo of anyone but the lovebirds themselves.  Their engagement/wedding were among the highlights of my life - I feel humbled and honored to have been a part of their engagement, their wedding day, and their lives.  Part of the reason that the past 16 months have been so joyful for me, is that it's so obvious how in love they are.  They are truly perfect together.

Welcome to the family, Kelly.  I am so glad you married my brother.

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  1. A lovely ending to a wonderful series! Thanks, Kate! P.S. I shared your blog with my mom and she has been enjoying it lately as well! :) She also mentioned getting a nice card in the mail from you - you are SO thoughtful! xo


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