Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Matt and Kelly: Bridal Luncheon

After a super quick pit-stop at the hotel to drop our bags and change clothes, my mom and I met up with my grandma and the three of us ladies headed to the Country Club for Kelly's bridal luncheon.

 It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day - the sun was shining, and the temperature was in the low 70s.  Just picturesque.  And the country club was beautiful:

The luncheon was a ladies-only gathering, with Kelly's bridal party, mom, grandmas, and my mom, grandma and me (the groom's family!).  It was intimate and lovely and a great way to really kick off the wedding celebrations.  (The champagne as lovely also :)  The room where we were seated for lunch was directly off the golf course, and the view was wonderful.  The view inside the room was even better if I do say so myself:

We ate a delicious lunch (chopped cobb salad for me) complete with a sorbet-style dessert treat.  Um, yes.  It was fun chatting with Kelly's closest women.  The anticipation was high - everyone was in fabulous spirits, and so excited for all of the fun and celebrating that was coming that night and the next day.

As we were eating lunch, a florist delivered a huge bouquet of gorgeous roses to the bride... from her groom!

I realllllly enjoyed getting to know Kelly's sweet friends and sisters during the wedding weekend (and throughout her engagement, actually).  Kelly and I went to high school together (obviously, since my brother and Kelly are high school sweethearts), but ten years after high school, it was fun to get to know her friends as adults.  She has awesome friends - and I actually consider some of them my friends now.  How awesome is that? :)

I also (predictably) enjoyed spending every moment of the week with my mama.  I was home from Tuesday through Sunday, and while I spent Friday and Saturday at the hotel, it was fantastic to spend so much quality time with my mom.  Living in a different state from her has been extremely challenging (I hate it) and it was nice to have time together... especially with such a fantastic cause for celebration.

After the bridal luncheon, my grandma and I dropped my mom off at the rehearsal dinner venue for set-up, and went back to the hotel.  Scott had just arrived in town, so we checked in to our hotel room and got ready for the evening's festivities.

Next up: rehearsal!

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  1. Great post! Thank you for capturing all of this! For the record, some of my friends consider you their friend as well... Meghan is already asking to hang out with you and Scott the next time she comes to visit me. :)


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