Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Scenes From Two Weeks: September 17

The past two weeks were full of - everything.  Work, family, Scott's family, and time at home.  I like a mix of down time and busy time, and the past two weeks have been a little light on time at home.  This week I'm looking forward to football, two different parties on Saturday night, and some relaxation at home.
new, edgy stamps (it's the little things in life, eh?)
a bucket of beers with my parents and two uncles in chicago last weekend
blue nails and the chicago bears (winning!) on tv
scott's first day of ukulele lessons (seriously - i am married to the most
interesting person ever)
matching blue pedicures with my mom (see where i get
my fashion sense from?!)
an awesome work event on a boat
a moment on the water, remembering september 2001
visiting lindsey, a few days before baby girl johnsen made her debut

house hunting for our next place  (the place i love sold 48 hours later!)
scott gave me a groupon for a facial for my birthday last month, and i
redeemed it this weekend.  lovedddd it.
watching the iowa game on saturday with my hawkeye ladies
double date at dry hop (a new brewery near our home)

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