Monday, September 2, 2013

On Miley and the VMAs

I did not watch the MTV VMAs last Sunday night, and in fact, I still haven't watched the whole show (nor will I, probably).  I like celebrities in general, and award shows in particular, but I tend toward more of the Grammy/Oscar/Golden Globe variety versus the shows on MTV.  There isn't a particular reason - or maybe there is - it just isn't my style.

Last Monday the Miley Cyrus/ Robin Thicke performance was all over the news.  From The Today Show to, it was everywhere and the outcry was mostly negative, with bloggers and news reports saying how inappropriate and vulgar the performance was.  I didn't see the performance, and therefore I didn't really have an opinion.

Over the weekend I noticed that the performance was available for free as part of my cable company's "On Demand" section, so I took the 5 minutes to watch it, and I was shocked.... by how not shocking the performance was.  Seriously?  All that outcry over THAT?

One of the major criticisms of the performance was that Miley is a role model to young girls, and that her performance drew in many young girls to watch it (Hannah Montana!) and that her provocative dance moves were inappropriate for that age group.  While I certainly agree that the dance moves were inappropriate for young girls to see, I don't blame the person who did them - I blame the parents that allowed their too-young children to watch MTV.

Not only did I not see what the big deal is, I'll actually tip my proverbial hat to both Miley and Robin Thicke.  A full eight days after their performance and each of them have at least one song in the iTunes Top 10 (and Miley has two)!  Part of their job (the most important part) is selling records, and the performance clearly did that.


  1. My issue was with what they were both wearing. Because I'm THAT shallow.

    1. It was a fashion disaster. Agreed.

  2. No more shocking than a kiss between Britt and Madonna, who have also both donned barely there outfits and had their share of WTF moments, among many others.



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