Sunday, August 11, 2013

Thirty by 30

1) Take an athletic class (boxing, tennis, etc) Aerial Yoga 3/5/14, Aerial Yoga 4/30/14
2) Go camping
3) Throw a theme party
4) Participate in (or host) a blind wine taste test
5) Read "What To Expect When You're Expecting" (preliminarily:)
6) Prepare a homemade dinner for my parents
7) Walk from downtown Chicago to my home in Lakeview
8) Be able to do 25 real pushups
9) Pay it forward (in the form of paying for someone's meal behind me in a drive through, or someone's coffee behind me at Starbucks, etc)
10) Memorize the names of all of the US Vice Presidents, and who they served under.
11) Babysit for a loved one's loved one
12) Dance at a siblings wedding 10/12/13
13) Invest in a new pair of fantastic jeans
14) Save $10/week every week that I'm 29 (for a stupid, extravagant 30th birthday gift to myself)
15) Write about what I learned in my first thirty years 1/27/14
16) Participate in a dance off
17) Learn how to make my mom's famous chocolate chip cookies
18) Participate in a football game
19) Have an awesome cousin weekend with some of my favorite babes
20) Plan a surprise date night
21) Start (or join) a book club - for real this time.  :)
22) Run 1,000 miles
23) Visit Joe (and Washington DC) 3/6/14-3/9/14
24) Go to Castaways (the Chicago beach-bar)
25) Finally (and belatedly) see Jenifer's apartment
26) Attend yoga in the park
27) Introduce my grandparents on my blog
28) Do something seasonal (Christmas Caroling, Smoochin' under Mistletoe, Pumpkin Carving, bake a pumpkin pie)
29) Do a week long body detox 4/21/14-4/23/14
30) Attend a non-Catholic church service

I am so excited to be 29.  29 seems both old and young, a perfect age really.  The expression "old enough to know better, and young enough not to care" seems apropos.  At 29, anything is possible.  On my 28th birthday, I declared silently that it would be the year of "change"... and it sure lived up to my whispered hope.  I haven't quite figured out my word for 29.  "Bliss" maybe, but that seems like a loaded word, and entirely too much pressure.  I told Christine the other day, that maybe the word for 29 would end up being "baby"... or maybe it'll be vodka.   Although I'm (mostly) kidding, I think it's a fair assessment of where I stand at this moment - cautious, confused, content.   More on that in the year ahead, but also, more of all 30 of the above.

Thank you for reading my blog.  It started four years ago today, and I am so grateful that you're reading.


  1. THIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There are plenty of these that I would LOVE to help with (VICE PRESIDENTS?? also wine tasting!!), and I'm mostly sad that I'm not closer and can't help with ALL of them (well, other than the running one).

    <3<3<3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And happy last-year-of-your-20s!! onward and upward!

  2. HAPPY 29!!! I love your list of 30! I think I can probably help you out with #12, and I really like that you made it #12! :)

    Also, I'd be happy to help or join you with several others on your list (#1, 2, 3, 4, 17, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30). Just let me know when and where!



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