Saturday, August 17, 2013

Scott's Bathroom Remodel

I realized the other day that while I'd alluded to Scott's bathroom remodel, I never shared the results.

Scott's bathroom (which is in our "guest suite") needed a little freshening up.  It was fine - but the tiling wasn't very attractive, and the vanity looked dated.    Here's how it looked when we toured the apartment for the first time:

He fixed the vanity issue a while back by replacing it (in one evening!!!) with some thing much more contemporary looking.  The tiling was a bit of a longer and more expensive project.

After he selected the tile he wanted (along with the contrasting tile for the band around the middle) he had to chisel each old tile off of the wall.  It was 20+ year old tile, so that was a long, loud, and physically demanding job.  Then he had to buff the walls so they were smooth enough to put new tile up.  Once he got all of the tile up (harder than it sounds because our walls aren't perfectly sized for the tile - so he had to cut many of the tile pieces to fit exactly) he grouted it, and got new hardware for the faucet and shower head.

Lastly, he originally had a shower curtain and rod, but he took those out and installed a glass shower door.

I love how it looks.  It was absolutely a labor of love on Scott's part.  Initially, the project seemed so easy "oh take the tile off, then put the new stuff up", but isn't that what often happens on projects?  It was a several day/week long project, but we're very happy with how it turned out.


  1. It looks awesome! My bathroom is dying for a remodel if Scott is looking for additional projects :)



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