Monday, August 5, 2013

Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Course

On Christmas Eve 2012, Scott suggested that we run the Rugged Maniac 5K Mud Run/Obstacle Course with my parents and any of my brothers who were interested.  After a glass or two of wine, my parents, Scott and I registered.  It was over seven months away, but seemed like an awesome idea.

My parents ended up not being able to join us (due to moving my brother to his new home in Washington, DC) but Scott and I ventured to Wilmot, WI on Saturday afternoon to tackle the Rugged Maniac.

The atmosphere was fantastic - super chill, super inviting.  I was pumped!  Until I saw the mountain:

Photos don't even do it justice.  It was massive and unforgiving.  The race started with a run up the hill, and then back down.  And that wasn't even one of the 20 obstacles.  Obstacles ranged from horrible to terrible.  The worst was having to repel up a steep and rugged terrain of atleast 100 feet - maybe more (it was hard to judge behind my fear).  You used a ragged rope to help you, but the ground was slick and the rope was brutal.  I ended up with pretty ripped up hands.  And then you kept running, did another few obstacles - AND THEN DID THE CLIMB AGAIN.  It was relentless.  Another tough obstacle was dragging your body - army-crawl style - through mud.  You had to stay low, though, because barbed wire was right above your head.  (I thought my knees and forearms were pretty scraped up - until I saw Scott's left knee... he's very scraped up).  

Some of the obstacles were very silly/fun though.  They had a jumbo slip-and-slide (where you landed in a huge pool of murky, muddy water).  It was strangely refreshing though, as I was pretty overheated at that point.  I was afraid of the "jumping over fire" obstacle that as advertised in the promo video... I shouldn't have been, as it was a bit of a joke:

Overall, I did not love this race.  I am not a mountain climber, and I'm not a spider-monkey in the way that Scott is (he blew my mind with the way that he maneuvered each obstacle... he was an animal and had absolutely zero fear - just awesome).   I would much, much run another half than do this bad boy again.  I am also significantly more sore today than I was the day after the half.  I think this is due to all of the hill running/climbing.

While I hated this run because it tested me physically (and mentally) so significantly, perhaps that's exactly why I should do it again next year.  Just a thought.

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  1. It's frightening, how fearless you are! (In a good way...I actually love this about you!) Congrats on another milestone and another Special memory.


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