Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kelly's Bachelorette Party

Kelly's Bachelorette party was this weekend and it was a day to remember.  Lots of pictures below!

We started at a nail salon located in downtown Chicago for our selection (mani or pedi or both).  We mingled and chatted as we were getting our nails done, and sipped mimosas (the best way to start out any celebratory morning, I say).    It was fun to meet some of Kelly's friends that I had not met yet, and also to catch up with my cousins who I don't see nearly enough. 

After nails, we made our way to Montrose Beach to get some sun and continue with the relaxation.  (Our original plan was to go to the more popular North Avenue Beach which is closer to downtown.  Then we realized that it was the weekend of the Air and Water show which was based on North Ave Beach, and we slightly modified our plans.  While the show is very cool - it's also super loud and loaded with tourists.  Fun, but just not what we had in mind for a relaxing afternoon of girl talk and sunshine).  

We weren't at the beach terribly long before it was time to go home and freshen up.  My cousins Anne and Jenifer were with me as I headed home to shower, hydrate, caffeinate... and get ready for a night on the town celebrating our favorite cousin/sister-to-be!  My cousin Jane flew in right about this time, and joined in our frantic rushing to be out the door when the (previously ordered) cab arrived at 5:15.

We quickly scurried to Kelly's house to drop off our gear, and then joined the other girls (and a few evening additions) at Seadog Sushi for a BYOB dinner.  I've only been to Seadog one other time (with Matt and Kelly!) but it was as good as I remember it.  Our 13 person group went through just about 13 bottles of wine with dinner :)  (I'm exaggerating, but not by much).   Everyone was in such a good, celebratory mood and our beautiful bachelorette was glowing.  I loved getting to chat with Kelly's friends and family.

It's funny because so many of us at the Bachelorette party (including the three Rank cousins in attendance) live spread out, and not in the same city.  Through the joys of technology (and in some case - biology) we jump right in like no time has passed. Spending time with girlfriends was, for me, much needed, and what could be a better occasion then Kelly's big night!

Once we got back to Kelly's, we popped some champagne and set about playing a game and partaking in the normal bachelorette festivities.

At that point, the time had come... to go dancing!  We headed to Wrigleyville to a few bars with well known dance floors.  And let me tell you - we made our presence KNOWN.  At one point, we were literally taking up 3/4 of the dance floor at the second bar.  It was awesome.   Kelly's friends and family can dance!!  I am already looking forward to the dance floor at their wedding!

In between bars we came across a police officer, and we had to take our signature photo with him (this makes 3/3 Rank family Bachelorette parties to do this!)   It was a highlight of my evening for sure.

I must admit that I've been looking forward to Kelly's bachelorette party for some time.  I love bachelorette parties, and more importantly - I love Kelly.  As I told her on Saturday night, I am so completely thrilled that she's marrying my brother.  She is not only my future sister, but also a real friend.  I had the time of my life on Saturday night and I think - hope!- that she did, too.

Happy Bachelorette party, Kelly!  Cannot wait for October!


  1. I had the time of my life! Thanks for everything! It was perfect in every way and I'm so thankful to all of my friends, family and family-to-be that made the trip to celebrate with me! Counting down the days until I can dance the night away with all of you again on 10.12.13! :)

  2. These days, it is very common for the future brides to throw their own bachelorette party. These parties generally take place in the evening and end up almost till late night or early morning.


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