Thursday, August 8, 2013

Country concert

So after our fun afternoon brush with death, Scott and I continued the additional 45 minutes to Milwaukee for a night of spousal debauchery.  :)  One of the perks of being "DINKS" (dual income, no kids) is that we are able to live it up on occasion, and we took the chance this weekend.

We stayed at a hotel downtown, where we each showered up and tried to get all. of. the. mud. off of ourselves.  The amount of mud that came off of my body was absolutely ridiculous.  It was in my hair, ears, under my fingernails and toenails (even though I was wearing shoes and socks).  Insane.  My shower was at least 20 minutes long.

After our attempts to get clean, we walked a few blocks away to Rock Bottom Brewery.  Yes, it's a chain.  Yes, they have it in Chicago.  No, that didn't stop us.  It was fabulous.  I had a beer the size of my head and enjoyed every sip.

I called a cab, and it picked us up five minutes later - ridiculously fast by my jaded Chicago standards.  A $20 cab later and we were at the Wisconsin State Fair grounds to see two country artists:  Randy Houser followed by Gary Allan.  Scott and I were basically there to see Randy Houser (his song "Running Out of Moonlight" is currently #1 on the country charts!) but we were somewhat familiar with Gary Allan and figured we might as well stay for his, too.  Our tickets were only $25 each, which included admission to the fair.  And - bonus! - beer was cheaper than at Wrigley Field.

The shows were fabulous.  Each band was so good and we were really pleasantly surprised by the sound quality (considering it was an outdoor venue!)  I knew more songs than I thought I would, and it was just a rocking time with my main squeeze.

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  1. Being a DINK is pretty awesome, and I am going to miss the freedom that brings. :) Also, I saw Gary Allan a few years ago, he puts on a great show. Gotta love cheap concerts!


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