Monday, July 8, 2013

Taste of Lakeview 2013

Scott and I crammed as many activities as were humanely possible in to the 4th of July weekend, including the Taste of Lakeview.

The Taste of Lakeview is a relatively small festival that was held just a short bus ride away at Lincoln and Belmont in Chicago.  They shut down a two block strip, and had a bunch of different food and drink vendors, cute artsy shops (jewelry, a small amount of clothing and art), and two stages for live music.

The reason we went to the fest was because a band we like (the Underwater People) was playing at one of the stages.  Scott's guitar teacher is their drummer!  Anyway, they were great (as always) and it was a fun excuse to have a daybeer... :)  It's over now for the year, but I'd recommend it in 2014!

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