Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scenes From A Week: July 23

36 hours late, but better late than never, eh?  This week the half marathon weighed on my mind and lived in my actions.  It was a slightly insane week - from Monday's "Burgers & Beers 5K", to a fancy work dinner on Thursday night, the Pearl Jam concert at Wrigley Field on Friday, Half Marathon Expo and carbo loading on Saturday, and the half on Sunday.

Whew!  An amazing week, but a tiring week, and I'm looking forward to some major home time this week.

monday's 5k run with my sweetie

a spectacular summer cocktail on thursday night at paris club
pearl jam at wrigley field on friday night (including a 2 hour rain delay!)
packet pickup with some of my favorites
carbo loading at matt & kelly's (ridiculously good
courtesy of the future mrs. maloney)

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