Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kelly's Bridal Shower

My beautiful sister-in-law-to-be had her second bridal shower this past weekend in Cedar Rapids so of course I made the trip back to my favorite city.  (I actually got a ride with her and Matt, so it was extra easy).

On Saturday morning, I got up early and headed to one of my favorite places in the world: my salon.  After my hair appointment and a belated birthday pedicure with my mama, we were off to the shower.

The shower was hosted by Kelly's bridal party and featured a really cute guest book idea.  Instead of the traditional guest book, they had attendees write their advice for the bride on one of three categories: night before the wedding, honeymoon, or anniversary.  I chose honeymoon :)

At that point, we mingled a bit with other guests, introducing ourselves as the proud sister and mother of the groom, and of course said hello to the bride and her family.

We posed for a few photos, and then it was time for the game - "he said, she said".  The premise of the game is that the moderator (in this case, one of Kelly's two younger sisters/maids of honor) asks a question, and then tells you how either the bride or groom answers that question, without telling you if it was the bride or groom who gave that answer!

For example, what one word describes your fiance ?  Answer:  "lucky!  I mean wonderful".  :)  Then you held up your stick with either the lips up (if you thought that was Kelly's answer) or mustache (if you thought it was Matt's answer).  Spoiler alert: it was my hilarious younger brother who gave that gem of an answer.  :)

The spread was as beautiful as it was delicious and included a huge fruit salad, deli sandwiches, a veggie tray, homemade wontons, and gourmet desserts.

And of course, then it was time to shower our bride-to-be with items for her new life.

Happy bridal shower, Kelly!


  1. i love looking at these pictures! thanks for coming to the shower, spoiling me again and documenting the special day for me on your blog! i'll be printing off this post to add to my collection!

  2. I was a little hesitant to book this place as my reception venue at first because it was more of an unknown place. But this place turned out to be the best choice we made.


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