Tuesday, July 2, 2013

chapter eleven: newlywed living

After our honeymoon in Mexico, Scott and I settled in to our Chicago life with very little difficulty.  We purchased our first home together four weeks before our wedding day, so parts of the first two years were dedicated toward building not just a life - but our home.

We traveled significantly, both individually and together - on more than a dozen trips each to locations like:  California, Minneapolis, Italy, St. Louis, New York and Iowa, in the first two years of our marriage alone. 

We spent time with our families, celebrating holidays and birthdays, and recognizing births and deaths.

We saved money, and paid off our car.  We spent money, and bought "bucket list" things like Scott's guitar, an iPad and my insanely overpriced favorite shoes.  

We took up running, and together ran more than a dozen races. 

We hosted: holiday parties, dinner parties, a birthday party, an engagement party, a bachelorette party and many others.  

We drank champagne, whiskey and cheap beer.

We explored Chicago nightlife - comedy shows, concerts at Joes and Wrigley.  We explored Chicago sports - going to home games for the Bears and Cubs. 

We watched Mad Men, Dexter and Homeland together.  

We each switched jobs.  

We built a life and had some fun.  

A lot of fun, actually.  When I think of a word that describes the first two years of our marriage, "fun" springs to mind very quickly.   Scott makes my life more fun than I could have ever imagined it being.  

And as I prepare for my 29th birthday in a little over a month, I often think about what's next.  And what is next?  Children, I hope.  I want to have a family with Scott, and I'm hoping to do it biologically.  If I can't, then our children will find their way to our family through the blessing of adoption.  But either way, I can't wait to bring children in to our fun life.   I'm not sure when that will be, because I am - we are -  enjoying this phase of life so thoroughly.  While I believe that the next phase will be just as fun (or maybe more!) I also know that it's going to be different, and the responsibility of creating new life looms heavily in the distance.  I'm not quite there.  I'm still savoring the last days and months and years of this phase.

But I will say that the idea of motherhood is something I'm becoming more and more eager for...


  1. Happy for you friends, but I reserve at least one night of fun with you before 4 am bars are of limits for 9 months! :)


    1. Yes please!!! Especially if it involves Big City... :)


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