Friday, July 19, 2013

Beer and Burgers 5K: Race Recap

Scott and I participated in the Beer & Burgers 5K on Monday night.  The race packet pickup and start line were a mere blocks from my office which was super convenient for me.  :)

Scott and I decided to run the race together (which is unusual for us) as a practice run for possibly running the Chicago 1/2 together this Sunday.  Of course, I had to take our requisite pre-race photo:

I don't have much to say about the race itself.  It was flat, except when it was obnoxiously hily :)  It was super hot at start time - mid 80s which makes running a very hot, very sweaty affair.  I used both water breaks - one for water and the other for Gatorade (I've never taken a drink of Gatorade during a race before, but it made my stomach feel kind of uneasy).  Anyway, it was my first race with my Nike+ app, and I liked that a lot.

My in-laws were at the race cheering us on, and my mother-in-law snapped the next photo of us just before we crossed the finish line.

Overall, I liked the course... but hated the race.  It was the "Beer and Burgers" 5K - but the line to get the Beers and Burgers was between two and three blocks long!  Ridiculous and absolutely the worst organized post-race party I've experienced in my running "career".   Regardless, it was a nice (hot and sweaty) run on a July evening with my main squeeze.

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