Monday, July 1, 2013

27) Take A Spontaneous Trip

On Saturday, I texted my brother a little after lunch time and asked what he was doing for dinner.  He didn't have any plans, so I invited myself to his town.  :)  Joe lives in Milwaukee, which is just a quick drive from where we live, and I haven't made the trip nearly enough since he moved there a year ago.  Scott and I spent the entire drive talking about our future and where we want to live as we raise a family (Chicago proper?  Chicago suburbs?  Iowa? Charleston?) so the trip absolutely zipped by.  Pretty soon, we were in Milwaukee.

We grabbed Joe, and headed to a place that Scott found on Yelp: Milwaukee Ale House.  We had our choice of being inside or outside, but it was a nice evening, so we headed to their patio outside.  It was awesome!  It was right on the river, and was a really cute deck/patio area.

It's a brewery, so in addition to the ol' standbys, they also had their own beer which we all decided to try.  (My favorite was one that Joe came up with - their "OGii" beer mixed with lemonade.  Perfect for a warm summer night!)

It was awesome seeing Joe (obviously) and fun exploring a part of Milwaukee I'm not very familiar with.   Milwaukee, I'll be back!

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  1. When we were traveling to and from the 'burbs this weekend, we had the same conversation. We know that Montana is not our forever home, but it's so hard to figure out what comes next.


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