Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scenes From A Week: June 16

Half way through June already - how wild is that?  Another weekend is coming to a close, and another fun week ahead.  I love summer in the city!

marina city, while on a lunch break power walk
chicago theatre on a rainy night to see...
(see next picture:)
russell brand, courtesy of scott's free tickets
speaking of scott, he celebrated the big 2-8 this week!
our new whiskey decanter
(thanks, lindsey & jamey!)
i love skyline views
food for my soul - a church with a sign affirming same
sex marriage.  my kind of church!
my favorite view of the cta

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  1. The decanter looks great on your bookshelf! Happy (incredibly belated) 1st anniversary! ;)
    Be careful; the whiskey will (slowly) evaporate since it isn't sealed completely. More excuse to indulge!
    xoxo Lindsey & Jamey


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