Monday, June 3, 2013

Jennie + Mike: June 1, 2013

This weekend marked the beautiful wedding day of my dear friend Jennie, and her longtime boyfriend, Mike.  Jennie and I met our freshmen year of college, when we joined the same sorority.  We lived together in the sorority, and then moved about three blocks apart when we each moved to Chicago.  Jennie was one of my bridesmaids, and I was thrilled to be a witness as she and Mike said "I do".

Their wedding was in a picturesque setting at a country club in Chicagoland.  They had planned to have their wedding outdoors, and had a gorgeous gazebo set up.  Mother Nature, however, had other plans as it started downpouring 15 minutes before the ceremony.  Luckily, they were able to quickly make the tweak, and they were married in the reception area.

The wedding was short and sweet, and filled with emotion.  It was just perfect. We got to hang out with Sam and Andy, one of my favorite couples who I don't get to see nearly enough ;) 

Jennie is from Souix City, and they had some awesome reminders of that throughout the weekend, like the wedding favor, which was a delicious bag of popcorn from her hometown.  (We may or may not have opened it before dinner).  (We definitely did). 

As I mentioned, Jennie and I were in the same sorority, along with some other fabulous ladies who were also at the wedding.  It's so unreal how you go from living in one house (literally!) to being separated by thousands of miles.  Anyway, it was great to see old friends and catch up on life.  (And it was wild to see how much our lives have changed.  So many engaged and married.  The talk has turned from $1-you-call-it's and FAC to mortgages and babies.  It's wild.  Fun, but very surreal.  I still feel 22 most of the time). 

The reception was a blast.  I spent roughly 99.9% of the time on the dance floor, and my feet reminded me of this when I woke up this morning :)  I love weddings, especially when the couple is so clearly perfect for each other, the way that Jennie and Mike are.

It was a wonderful wedding, and an awesome celebration to toast a truly perfect couple.  Congratulations Jennie & Mike!

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