Wednesday, June 26, 2013

21) Plan a surprise for someone

I loooove surprises and planning them, so when my brother got engaged, I knew I wanted to do something extra special for my lovely future sister-in-law.

With their wedding (and the end-date of my 29 by 29 list!)  rapidly approaching, I thought I would share the surprise that I did for her these past few months (without giving anything away for the future:)

They are getting married on October 12th, so on the 12th of each month I've made a point to see my darling sister-to-be and give her something signifying her upcoming life as Mrs. Maloney.  Examples include an ornament for their annual Christmas tree, a "Mrs. Maloney" hanger to hold her wedding gown on her big day, "M" stationary, etc.  Some months were larger than others, but I think (hope!) that each month featured the same sentiment.

It was a thrill to select the different items, and even more of a thrill to present them to Kelly.  And the best part is that the months aren't over yet :)

The genesis behind the idea is that I wanted to come up with a tangible way to show Kelly how excited I am that she is marrying my brother, and how lucky I feel to be getting her as a sister.


  1. This has been such an awesome monthly surprise for us. Thanks again Kate!

  2. I second the groom! I really look forward to your surprises every 12th of the month! It has made our engagement extra exciting and special. In your post, you forgot to mention the adorable note that accompanies each gift that is in the form of a sweet poem. Those are the best and something I will treasure always! Thank you for being such an awesome, thoughtful and generous sister-to-be! I can't wait to officially call you my sister in October!!!! xoxo


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