Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Year of Kelly

I was thrilled and honored to host a bridal shower for my sister-in-law-to-be, Kelly.  We held it this past Saturday in Cedar Rapids, and it was an awesome occasion.  We invited my grandma, aunts and girl cousins, along with Kelly's mom and sisters.  We had guests from Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois and the love in the room was evident.

I got home to Cedar Rapids on Friday night after a quick drive home (and a rendezvous with Matt and Kelly at the "World's Largest Truck Stop".  (Sidenote: after doing the CR-Chicago trek for six years now - and longer if you count the times I did it before moving to Chicago - I can't believe I'd never stopped there before.  It's funny and kind of insane). The party was at my parent's home, and they had it gleaming top-to-bottom, inside and out.

To start the morning off, I got my hair cut (and then styled - yesss).  I'm basically obsessed with doing this before parties because I'm pretty horrible at hair.

After getting that squared away (had to take care of my priorities here) I came home and put the finishing touches on the details with my unofficial co-host, my mama.  Basically I got all of the credit, and she and my dad did all of the work :)  (They'd deny that, but it's true nonetheless).

The guests arrived shortly thereafter, and we drank champagne and mimosas, ate wraps, caprese skewers, fruit-kebobs, cheese and crackers, pesto-deviled eggs and delicious gourmet desserts.

Remember these babies?

After our guests arrived, we played "the NEAR-lywed Game" which was a huge hit.  My mom and I brainstormed a list of about 20 questions, which I asked Matt ahead of time (and taped his answers, using the camera feature on my iPad).  We my mom then put them together in one file with cute breakouts in between each question for easy play-back.  At the party, I asked Kelly the question, and then after she answered, played Matt's answer to the same question.  It was a riot.  (In a hilariously unexpected twist, their answers were eerily similar, leading to huge laughs from the shower guests as everyone realized how crazy their compatibility actually is).

Of course, no bridal shower is complete without a "showering" of gifts for our bride-to-be.  Kelly was gifted some beautiful and generous gifts, including a Crock-Pot!  (As you may recall from posts about Rank Family Christmas, a Crock Pot is basically a rite of passage in this family, and I'm not sure that their marriage would be officially official without having one.  Luckily, she is now the excited owner!) 

After the shower, the boys were allowed back in to the house for some fun (and pizza and beer).

I won't tell you what time the party finally ended that night.  Ok, I will - almost 2AM.  Worth ever minute of lost sleep though.  Time with my awesome family is both rare and treasured.

Events like this weekend make me realize how fortunate I am to be a member of the Rank family... and how darn excited I am for October.  I literally cannot wait until Kelly is my official sister, and an official member of our family!

Cheers to Kelly, and to Matt, and to the fun ahead!


  1. Thanks for hosting, Kate! You made us both feel so spoiled!


  2. The shower was absolutely perfect. I felt so loved and spoiled all day. I'm very lucky to have you as my soon-to-be-sis! Thanks a ton for hosting, Kate!


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