Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scenes From A Week: May 5

Another busy week in the books - and can anyone believe that it's May?  Crazy!  Scott is renovating our guest bathroom, and coming along nicely - should be done (and unveiled) later this week!

my personal contractor

82 degrees at 8:20pm - woohoo!
cinco de mayo inspired tuesday night happy hour at
my friend pam's adorable apartment
tulip season is my absolute favorite
homemade veggie bowl - rice, steamed spinach, green beans, carrots,
red peppers and avocado. 
donuts from "glazed and infused" were brought to the office on friday
(danger zone)
new favorite beer - grapefruit! 
gorgeous trees blooming
on a saturday afternoon walk i passed the sidewalk leading
to my first chicago apartment.  so many memories.

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