Tuesday, May 14, 2013

on Minnesota

I am thrilled and overjoyed by the news that Minnesota is poised to become the 12th state that allows gay couples the right to marry.  I actually saw the news on Instagram first, as my cousin Anne posted a photo congratulating Minnesota on the huge leap in the right direction.

I was obviously thrilled about this, but there were a few things that kind of made me chuckle.

I think it's so indicative of the times.  I didn't see the news on the news, or even on the internet.  I didn't even see it on traditional social media (Facebook, Twitter, a blog, etc).  I saw it on a photo-sharing site.  The hashtags labeling the post were #equality and #loveislove.  Totally apropos.

I was absolutely pleased when I saw the news, but I won't say that I was all that fired up by it.  I recognize that it's a significant victory, but it all just seems so inevitable now.  If you don't agree with gay marriage, you are on the wrong side of history.

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