Saturday, April 6, 2013

thirteen years

Thirteen years ago today was Mike Maloney's last day on earth.

I wonder now if he saw it coming, if his last moments were full of agony.  I wonder, as his heart was stopping, if he felt regret.

Regret over his life, over his lifestyle, over his choices.  Regret over leaving so early.

But, there is no re-do for Mike Maloney, or for any of us.

Life goes on.  Moments pass, and suddenly - inexplicably - thousands of days have gone by.

Thirteen years worth of days.

But today is NOT a day to dwell.  It is a day to celebrate, to breathe deeply, to appreciate.

We're here.  We've been given another beautiful, sacred day. We're alive, and the world is turning.

Spring is coming.

Today, in honor of Mike Maloney, I will do some acts of kindness.  Thirteen kindnesses for thirteen years.  I will do them, one by one, act by act, and with each one I will say his name out loud and offer silent prayer to the universe - a prayer that he may rest in eternal peace, and a prayer of thanksgiving for the peace I feel in my heart.

Will you join me?

Thirteen acts of kindness might not change the world... but they might.

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