Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quote of the Day: Boston Marathon Edition

"Let’s schedule another Boston Marathon as soon as possible. Cave dwelling is for terrorists. Americans? We run in the open on our streets — men and women, young and old, new immigrants and foreigners, in shorts not armor, with abandon and never fear, eyes always on the prize, never on all those “suspicious” bundles on the curb. In today’s world, sometimes we pay for that quintessentially American naïveté, but the benefits — living in an open society — always outweigh the costs."  - Thomas L. Friedman, NY Times

I read this on the plane home today, and was sitting in my seat, nodding furiously in agreement, and aching to be home already, where I could tie up my running shoes and hit the street.

Shout out to DFR for the article recco!

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