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Interesting Person Interview Series: Kelly

This week I'm thrilled to share my interview with my friend Kelly.  Not only is Kelly an amazing friend and sounding board, she's also my future sister-in-law (less than six month countdown, wahoo!) .  I've known Kelly for a decade - which just blows my mind - and I am excited to share her interview! 

Kelly's interview, after the break!

1.       What is your name, and who are you?
For another six months, my name is Kelly Krapfl. In October, I will proudly, yet somewhat reluctantly, give up my double “KK” initials for “KM” as I change my name to Kelly Maloney (so weird to see that in writing!). I am a daughter to two loving and supportive parents, a big sister to two special young ladies, a fiancée to an amazing man and an employee of Leo Burnett Chicago. I am outgoing, hard working and have most stereotypical traits of a first born child.

2.       How do you know Kate?
I’ve known Kate since high school when I started dating her younger brother, Matt. Kate is a close friend, one of my bridesmaids and will very soon become my sister-in-law!

3.       Tell me about a typical day in your life
My alarm goes off at 6:30. I hit snooze until 7 or 7:30 then check my email and the weather on my phone before finally getting out of bed. I always turn on “Good Morning America” while I’m getting ready for the day and have a protein shake for breakfast (yes, Matt has rubbed off on me a bit). I leave between 8:30 and 9, walk to the train and am at work 20 minutes later. Most days I’m able to leave work between 6 and 7. If I’m able to leave work at a normal time, I try to make it to the gym (usually for a spin class and some weight training) before heading home for the night. As soon as I walk in the door, I immediately change into sweats and then make myself some dinner. For the remainder of my evening it’s some combination of wedding planning, work emails, Pinterest, trashy TV (I mean, does It get any trashier than Teen Mom 2?), red wine and sometimes a few household chores. I try to be in bed by 11 on weeknights but I’m so much more of a night owl than a morning person.

I treasure my weekends. That’s my Matt time (he works long and hard and doesn’t have much, if any, free time during the week). We love going to 10 AM spin class at the gym or running together outside when it’s nice. During the summer, we train for the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon and take full advantage of outdoor dining season. Our weekend days are spent running errands, cleaning the condo and just having fun being together. Once in awhile we get together with Kate and Scott for a double date (usually BYOB sushi) or with some of our other mutual friends that live in the city. Matt and I typically have our date night on Saturday night, which usually involves a late dinner, a bottle of wine and some sort of dessert (when it’s not lent).

4.       What’s the most challenging part of your life (could be a pet peeve, a work or family issue, whatever)?
I consider myself pretty fortunate, and I’m thankful to say I don’t have many real challenges in my life. If I have to say something here, I guess it would be keeping in touch with friends and family. I get so caught up in my own little world in Chicago that I often forget to make time to stay in touch with several of my friends and even some of my own family members back in Iowa. I know this is important and all it takes is an occasional phone call but when I get home from a long day of work, chatting on the phone doesn’t sound as appealing as a quiet night on the couch. I do make an effort, but I’ll admit, it’s a challenge and something I could be much better at.

5.       What are you likely to be doing at 8pm on a Saturday night?
Most likely wining and dining with my love but whether that’s in or out of our home varies. We love staying in when it’s cold out, ordering take-out and watching Dexter (or whatever our latest show is). This summer, you’ll probably find us grilling on our new roof deck or on the patio of El Barco Mariscos (a neighborhood Mexican restaurant) drinking margaritas and eating fajitas.

6.       Paint me a picture of your life in five years.
I’m hoping I’ll be happily married to Matt and a mother to at least one healthy child. I plan to still be advancing in my career at Leo Burnett and probably living in a house a little outside of the city (maybe Evanston?). I imagine I will still be running, volunteering and struggling with trying to balance everything while being a perfectionist. I have a hard enough time with that now; I can only imagine how much more difficult it will be as a parent.

7.       If you could be given any gift, what would it be?
The ability to have children of my own someday. That’s something I’ve always dreamed about, looked forward to and used to take for granted. I’ve come to realize over the last few years that having children is not something everyone is able to do, no matter how badly it’s wished for and wanted. It is a gift, and to me would be the ultimate gift.

8.       What part of your morning routine do you consider essential?
A hot shower. Even if I shower at night before bed, I always shower again in the morning. It wakes me up and helps me feel ready for the day.

9.       What one deceased person would you like an hour with?
I’m going to cheat on this one and say three people:

First and foremost, my younger brother, Austin. He died when he was only three-days old but I would love a chance to talk to him at the age he would be today (18) if he was still living. I often think about him and what it would be like to have an 18-year-old brother in my life. He would be finishing up his senior year of high school and ready to start college in the fall. I wonder what he would be like. Would he be into sports? Would he have a girlfriend? Would he be close with Matt? I like to imagine that my brother, Austin, would be much like my soon-to-be brother-in-law, Austin, who is super smart, a great runner and one of the kindest people I know. I’m fortunate that God put another little brother named Austin (and a few other future brothers) in my life. It’s funny how ironic life can be sometimes.

I never got to meet my paternal grandfather, Roger Krapfl, who died two years before I was born. He risked his life to save the life of a young woman crossing the road he was driving his gas truck on by swerving into a ditch to miss hitting her. I’ve heard so many fascinating stories about him and would love the opportunity to have even a minute with him.

I would also love to meet Matt’s bio dad, Mike Maloney. I absolutely adore Matt’s dad, Shawn, but I can’t help but wonder about Mike. He is the biological father of my future husband and the biological grandfather of our future children. I wish I could have known him and for him to have known me. If I had an hour with him I would love to hear him talk about his memories of Matt.

10.   If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go and why? Have you been there before?
This is a great question, and I sure hope Matt is reading this because we need to book that honeymoon soon!

I haven’t traveled many places in my 26 years but I know I’m a huge fan of anywhere with hot sun, nice beaches and large bodies of clear water. Good places to dine and shop don’t hurt either. I’ve heard the south of France is beautiful. Bora Bora or the Greek Islands would be cool too. I’d love to make it to Europe, Thailand, Africa and Australia someday too.

11.   You have ten minutes to give a speech to college seniors. What do you talk about?      
The importance of internships. I would stress to them how important it is to have not only one, but two or three internships during college. I truly believe my internships helped me get my first job at Leo Burnett after graduation. Not only do internships help you figure out what it is you do, and more importantly do not want to do, for a living, they give you so much real-life experience that you just can’t learn in a classroom. The people you meet and the contacts you gain from these opportunities are another huge benefit.

12.   What is your all-time favorite song?
I love music but I don’t know that I have an all-time favorite song. I do have a favorite genre (non-twangy country) and some favorite artists (they’re not all country artists): Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line (Matt and I are seeing them in June!), Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Griffin House, David Gray, Bob Marley and Green River Ordinance.

13.   If you weren’t in your current occupation, what would you like to do?
I always thought I would be a teacher. In fact, I went into college thinking that. My mind changed completely after taking my first advertising class in college, and my summer internship at the Integer Group in Des Moines affirmed my decision that I wanted to work in an ad agency. You can’t beat the work environment of an ad agency, that’s for sure! My sister, Morgan, is doing her student teaching right now and it sounds like quite a challenge that requires way more patience than I have so I’m very happy I didn’t end up on that path. She will be a much better teacher than I would have been!

Some days, I wish I would have gone to school for graphic design. I’m fascinated by design and I could literally sit and watch our Leo Burnett designers do what they do all day. I think I have a good eye for design but I definitely lack the technical skills to do the job. Maybe some day when I grow up I will be a designer – or even an event planner would be a lot of fun too. Luckily for me, my current job allows me to be surrounded by top-notch creative and design everyday. That’s good enough for now.

14.   Tell me about your family.
My family is close, Catholic and a little weird in a normal way (if that makes sense). My immediate family consists of my parents, Mark and Jan, who grew up together in small town Iowa, and have been married for 29 years. I have two younger sisters; Morgan (23) who is adventurous and always the life of the party, and Olivia (16), who is sweet, sporty and studious. She is kind of my mini-me (minus the whole sports thing!).

My family also has a German shorthair retriever named Josie and a yorkie-poo named Bailey (yes, both females – my poor dad is stuck in a house with all girls). Bailey is pretty cute and has major separation anxiety. I’ve never had anyone (or any dog), other than Bailey, so excited to see me after being gone for only a few minutes.

I’m not super close with either of my extended families. I only see them on the holidays and although they’re family, I don’t feel like I have a lot in common with most of them - and that’s fine. I thought this was the way all extended families were until I met the Ranks (Matt’s maternal extended family). Now, they are fun and a really tightknit crew. I have adopted them as my extended family over the last 10 years and I’m so excited they will officially become my family in October.

15.   What do you “know now” that you wish you “knew then”?
I’m with Kate on the whole high school thing (see question #15 of her interesting person interview). If I would have known then how half of the “cool” kids were going to turn out in this adult world, I would’ve spent a loss less energy trying to gain their acceptance and just focus on getting into a good college and having fun. The funny thing is, my parents warned me of this universal rule about the “cool” kids, but what do parents know when you’re a teenager, right?!

Thanks, Kelly!!

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  1. LOVE THIS!! It's so funny how parents know nothing but actually everything. Also: Heavanston!

  2. I keep humming Stevie Wonder's song, "Isn't She Lovely?"

    And...isn't she? Soon she'll be my DIL - isn't me lucky?


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