Monday, April 29, 2013

Baconfest 2013

Last weekend Scott and I went to Baconfest and it was AWESOME.

We went last year and this year easily topped it because we were joined by some awesome friends.  Matt and Kelly came with us, and so did Scott's cousins, Allison, Dave and Julie, and Scott's friend Brad.  It was great.

Baconfest is a festival of all things Bacon.  There are about 75 vendors present who each have a signature bacon dish (anything from Bacon Cupcakes to Bacon Souffle, to BLTs - and everything in between).  Your admission ticket allows you to wander around and sample anything and everything.  It's ridiculous.  And gluttonous.  And fabulous.

In addition to unlimited bacon, you also got seven (!!) drink tickets.  Each ticket entitles you to a drink - a PBR, Oldstyle, glass of wine or bacon-themed cocktail.  The cocktails range from Templeton Rye and grapefruit (I think that's what it was) to a delicious chocolate and banana liquor concoction that had a single bacon strip strategically placed inside.

Our crew ate about a bajillion pounds of bacon prepared in a bajillion different ways, we drank way too much, and just had an awesome time.

See you next year, Baconfest!

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